Dura Wheel DW-1000

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The DuraWheel DW-1000 Distance Measuring Wheel offers the design advantages of the DW-PRO Measuring Wheel, without the added cost of pistol grip brake and counter controls at the handle. The counter controls are located near the wheel.

Pourable Crack Sealant

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Pourable Crack Sealant is a one component rubberized cold-applied asphalt emulsion crack sealant designed for filling cracks up to 1/2″ wide in pavement surfaces. Pourable Crack Sealant provides a protective barrier against moisture intrusion into pavement surfaces. Pourable Crack Sealant is both economical and easy to use.


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FASS-DRI, featuring Advanced NANO-CURE Technology dramatically reduces curing time of both Coal Tar and Asphalt Based Sealers. Reduces tracking and power steering marks, locks in sand and makes coating dry blacker. Improves Toughness, Adhesion, Flexibility, Color, Sand Suspension.

Top Tuff

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Top Tuff is a polymer latex resin emulsion designed to modify both asphalt based and coal tar based pavement sealer emulsions. Top Tuff imparts outstanding toughness, locks in aggregate, and provides a blacker color to the cured, dried film. Improves surface toughness and Anchors in sand for extended wear. Enhances resistance to oils, fuels, and grease.