The Many Uses and Benefits of Bollards

The Benefits and Uses of Bollards - James Kurpiel Inc.

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Bollards are heavy duty metal posts, columns, or cylindrical objects that are designed to catch the attention of drivers and vehicular traffic. You’ve seen them everywhere. From outside of airports, banks, schools and institutions of higher learning, malls, government buildings and parking lots everywhere. Most commonly they are manufactured from steel, providing the physical strength needed to deter unwanted vehicular traffic and keep sites safe. Bollards are available in fixed, removable and collapsible models, yet they all offer protection from low- and high-speed crashes. Bollards can be utilized in almost any situation wherein a building or property site needs protection and controlled traffic flow. Their benefits and uses are as follows:

  • Schools, Colleges, Universities
    • Bollard Installation Services in Bergen County - James Kurpiel IncEntrances of schools and universities are often vulnerable areas being as they have such a high amount of pedestrian flow. If an accident were to occur in such a setting, the damage could be catastrophic. To protect schools, officials often utilize heavy duty vehicle protection devices installed throughout the property as per necesity. Universities also have high levels of congestion that could potentially cause accidents, especially during sporting events, concerts or other educational functions on campus. Bollards can dictate which areas vehicles are allowed to enter and also control the flow of foot traffic efficiently and safely.
  • Government buildings
    • The government commonly utilizes bollards for a variety of areas, including courthouses, capitol buildings, correctional institutions, fire and emergency service stations, police stations, and more.
  • Storefronts
    • Jewelry shops, boutiques and other high end stores often display their most attractive and expensive goods in the front of the building to entice customers and buyers in. Unfortunately, without barrier posts in place, they are vulnerable to thieves who may decide to undertake a ram raiding activity. To protect their storefronts, business owners can install permanent bollards to block ram-raiders.
  • Residential areas
    • While less common than storefront, perimeter or parking bollards, many homeowners have been utilizing bollards to protect their property. Bollard devices are also common fixtures near apartment complexes to prevent unauthorized traffic from entering.
  • Industrial facilities
    • Bollard Industrial Commercial Complex - James Kurpiel Inc.Fixed or removable bollards are common fixtures inside warehouse facilities. These areas house expensive equipment, as well as power supplies, that, if damaged, could cause accidents and destruction. Bollards installed near vulnerable areas can ensure warehouses and other industrial facilities can continue their day-to-day operations smoothly. Bollards are frequently utilized heavily in warehouse transfer centers within the trucking industry to prevent damage during dock side loading.
  • Water and electrical boxes
    • Water and electricity are vital components to a city’s layout. If a driver crashes into a water or electrical box, he or she could cause serious damages that could affect the whole city. To ensure citizens receive their electricity and water as needed, many cities install permanent bollards in a bright yellow finish around these locations to prevent accidental or intentional crashes.
  • Visual Containment
    • A function they serve is the creation of visual containment. Installed along the sidewalk, bollard can and do obstruct pedestrians and aids in keeping them off the curb. Therein they do not lessen room on the street, but instead bring into being a larger visual boundary than just the height of the street curb alone.
      When you think about it the appeal of this street curb is actually the very first impression anyone would have of your business or company. After all it’s the first thing they literally see. You can use bollards to enhance the environment while offering security. Bollards are available in custom sizes and/or design to meet all needs for any site.
      You can use them to house lighting fixtures, security cameras, and serve as bicycle parking posts. These blockades are loved by entrepreneurs and architects alike for their design, functionality, and simplistic possibilities. In fact, the benefits that pedestrians and business owners get from street bollards outweigh the cost of design and installation by far.

View a bollard installation for traffic control in Allendale NJ that we recently completed.

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