James Kurpiel Inc. – Clientele Portfolio


East Hanover Mill and Pave

East Hanover Mill and Pave - Take a look at your property’s appearance – are you in need of a makeover? You know what they say; first impressions are everything because you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.


Washington Township

An old, deteriorating asphalt driveway awaited this property owner daily at his residential property in Washington Township of Bergen County New Jersey. Wanting to remedy the situation he contacted James Kurpiel Inc of Hackensack to establish a project plan.


River Edge NJ Sidewalk Build

We’re guessing you probably don’t think much about your concrete sidewalk. You probably use it while you’re out jogging or walking the dog. Your kids love racing by on bikes and scooters. It’s there when you need it, which is all you can really ask of a sidewalk. That is, until it gets damaged or shows signs of age and deterioration.


Emerson NJ Residential Asphalt Paving

Working with asphalt is best when the air and surface temperatures are 70 ° F and above. Paving asphalt driveway during summertime enables the surface coating to cure out before winter arrives. This will also make the sealing more durable than before. When there is less humidity, the seal coating often solidifies more. Summertime provides the optimal conditions for improving your driveway and parking lot.


Westwood Residential Paving

This is yet another example of residential asphalt driveway paving by James Kurpiel Inc. of Hackensack, N.J. This project in Westwood, New Jersey was completed within one day and involved removal of the old driveway and re-paving as shown.


New Milford Shooting Range

When it comes to asphalt and paving maintenance, it pays to be proactive like this client was. With the onset of winter and cold weather looming, freeze and thaw cycles become more frequent, causing deterioration to already damaged entrances, driveways and parking areas, etc.


Asphalt Rip and Replace

When it comes to damaged or old asphalt driveways, the first option often considered is an asphalt resurfacing. Although resurfacing can fix many badly damaged asphalt driveways, it is not a sure bet. Many driveways have hidden and extensive damage that exists within the driveway’s base foundation.


Emerson NJ Mill and Pave

This Emerson NJ asphalt mill and pave and line striping project at Stoneridge Condos is an example of our commercial asphalt mill and pave services with line striping upon completion. Asphalt Mill and Paving is a cost effective and environmentally green way to fix damaged parking lots and roads and other asphalt surfaces on commercial properties.


Sidewalks and Curbs

Concrete is a durable construction material utilized within many applications that over time begins to show signs of wear, deterioration and damage. Kurpiel Inc. of Hackensack NJ offers economical and professional services to commercial, retail and municipal clientele for repairing and replacing damaged concrete sidewalks and curbs.


Mt Olive NJ Mill and Pave

This Mt Olive NJ asphalt mill and pave and line striping project at a large shopping mall is an example of our commercial asphalt services. The entire life of a pavement is affected by the quality of the materials upon which it is built.


Residential Asphalt Paving

Two residential asphalt driveway “rip and pave” examples recently completed in New Milford, New Jersey. Replacement of asphalt driveways is necessary when the existing material is badly deteriorated or the underlying gravel base shows signs of failing.


Ridgewood NJ Mill and Pave

How Does Mill & Pave Work? With a milling machine the deteriorated top layers of the asphalt are removed down to a predetermined depth. This asphalt rubble is then removed from the site and recycled. After sweeping it is then repaved with a fresh layer of asphalt.


Commercial Catch Basin Drain Rebuild

A typical repair or drain rebuild involves excavating the drain catch basin, making repairs to the inner walls, setting the proper slope for proper water drainage, reinstalling a grate, and in this case repaving the immediate surrounding area with asphalt.


Commercial Masonry

Addressing a safety issue that existed at a school entrance, Ridgewood Montessori School, utilized James Kurpiel Inc of Hackensack NJ to remove the existing concrete pad, create a new sub base and pour a new concrete pad.


Hot Crack Filling and Sealing

A recently completed commercial property asphalt crack filling, sealcoating and line striping project at the Fiesta Banquet Hall in Woodridge, New Jersey. Hot pour cracking involves heated up blocks of rubberized asphalt in a specially designed melter and then applying the heated material to cracks in roads and parking lots.


Commercial Mill and Pave

As with all things in life all good thing must come to an end sometime. Sooner or later asphalt reaches the end of its life span and needs to be replaced. One such technique is mill and pave. This is a cost effective and environmentally green way to fix damaged parking lots and roads.