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Commercial Property Asphalt Maintenance

Often the quality and appearance of your parking lot may not be at the forefront of your business concerns. But it’s not on your customers and clientele. After all it’s their first impression of your business. Investing in commercial asphalt maintenance is an excellent way to show your customers you care about their well-being and safety.


Drainage Contractors in Hackensack NJ

Installing the proper drain for your establishment can save you plenty of money in the long-term. From protecting your property from flood damage, to reducing the risk of injury of your customers and employees. A properly installed drain will not only add curb appeal, but comes with plenty of other benefits too.


Asphalt Resurfacing in Clifton NJ

An old, falling apart driveway or lot not only effects the visual appeal of your properties, but can also have some financial consequences. Investing in driveway maintenance can prevent both of these problems and save you money by doing it.


Drain Install at Belleville Mall

Rain, snow, and other elements all cause wear and tear on any form of pavement. One simple way to post-pone the erosion of materials like asphalt or concrete are to install proper drainage systems where flooding occurs. Any slight variation in the height of pavement will cause this type of flooding and wear down the area quickly, causing unsightly cracks and other problems within. A few, or sometimes just one drain installation can prevent water from pooling up and prolong the life of your driveway significantly.


Asphalt Resurfacing in Fairview NJ

No matter what kind of pavement you have, there will always come a day where you need to replace or repair the existing pavement. Even with routine maintenance, you will still eventually need to repair pavement that is unsafe or unsightly due to age. While sealcoating is a great option for prolonging the longevity of your pavement overall, even with sealcoating and routine repairs, you will need to either resurface or repave one day.


Drain Repair and Driveway Patch

Catch basins and other drains will eventually deteriorate over time due to erosion from water over long periods of time. Whenever water or salt water is able to enter the joints, the mortar significantly weakens. By ensuring that you have drains annually inspected or repaired in a timely manner can prevent you from having to pay larger repairs in the future. Sometimes all you will need to replace is a few blocks or bricks, or just adjusting a bent grate can keep your parking lot drainage system in working action.


Bollard Installation in Allendale

If you're looking for a way to add barriers that prevent traffic from entering zones they shouldn't, traffic bollards may be very useful in your establishment. They can provide pedestrians with safety and security, and protect your establishment from accidental damages done by vehicles.


Milling and Paving West Orange

Pavement milling (cold planing, asphalt milling, or profiling) is the process of removing at least part of the surface of a paved area such a road, bridge or parking lot. Milling removes anywhere from just enough thickness to level and smooth the surface to a full depth removal.


Concrete Curbs

Curb appeal is equally as important for commercial property owners as it is for homeowners – perhaps even more important. Let’s talk about how we can help with your commercial concrete curb repair and replacement.Concrete can be a major contributor to both curb appeal and public safety at a building site.


Paramus Line Striping

James Kurpiel Inc. offers commercial line striping services. Shown here is our work at The Church of the Annunciation located in Paramus, NJ. The two images are a before and an after showing the improvement in both safety and appearance on this property.


Catch Basin Drain Rebuild in Hackensack

All catch basins or storm drains will eventually deteriorate over time. This is because whenever water or salt water enters the joints between the steel casting and block or the mortar joints, it weakens the mortar significantly. Yearly inspections of your catch basins, as well as timely repairs can prevent you from having to pay costly future repairs. Sometimes all your catch basin requires is a replacement of a few blocks or bricks, or just adjusting a bent grate can keep your parking lot drainage system in working action.


Line Striping in Little Ferry NJ

You might not realize it, but line striping your commercial business can come with a wide range of benefits that can save you money and time in the future. Ensuring your business is properly line striped will help in improving safety conditions, increasing the appeal of your business, and improve the navigation of your lot. It’s always important to do your best to impress your customers the first time they enter your parking lot, all the way until they leave. Having a well marked parking lot will definitely enhance your business or store front and provide your commercial business and customers with all these great benefits.


Parking Pad in Wyckoff NJ

Eventually, asphalt pads will start to crack and need to be repaired. Thankfully, asphalt isn't as expensive to re-do, and it's well worth it to replace. Here are some of the reasons you should consider James Kurpiel Inc for any asphalt replacements and seal coating. Maintaining asphalt damage as soon as possible is important, as the longer you wait, the more damage that will be done, and the more expensive the repairs will be overall.


Asphalt Paving in Lincoln Park

Asphalt is a very durable and long lasting material. The strength of asphalt is why it has become such a popular choice for any paved surface. Compared to other materials, asphalt is much longer lasting and reliable, which is why it is preferred over other materials. However, asphalt has many more benefits when installed correctly, here are some reason why you might want to choose asphalt as a material for any paving.