Winter Asphalt Preparation

Winter asphalt can be a complicated and tedious situation to tend to come winter time. But with proper and attentive care from either yourself or an asphalt expert, asphalt can remain looking as good as ever longer without the typical harsh deterioration over the cold winter months.

When asphalt is not properly cared for in the cold months, it will lead to faster cracking and potholes, meaning you will have to repair the asphalt more often. Thankfully, there are lots of inexpensive ways for you to extend the lifespan of your asphalt in the winter.


Your asphalt should be sealcoated before winter if you’re interested in preserving the longevity. Seal coating allows for asphalt pavement to last longer by protecting asphalt pavements from water and other damaging chemicals. Without sealcoating, your asphalt can dry out from oxidation. Furthermore, this will lead to the surface cracking along with brittle asphalt overall. Sealcoating benefits all asphalt pavements in the winter when done properly, and is more inexpensive than the damage that can be caused by not sealcoating. Without sealcoating, you may have to replace your asphalt fully, or repair a large portion of it.

Crack Seal

By removing any cracks before watCracked Asphalt - James Kurpiel is able to freeze, you can prevent the freeze thaw effect from occurring. This problem arises when water is able to seep down into smaller cracks due to asphalt negligence. During the winter, the water will freeze if temperatures are low enough and the ice expands, causing existing cracks to grow even larger. Water expands about 9% when frozen, and this problem will happen multiple times over one winter. One small crack could easily double by the end of one winter. If not tended to quickly, the crack can grow exponentially over the years, quickly increasing the cost of repairs needed.


When it comes to melting snow, deicers like road salt do a perfect job for winter asphalt maintenance. Unfortunately, when asphalt already has cracks or weakness, chemical deicers can damage it quickly. Nonetheless, if you are considering repaving your parking lot after the winter season, you can go ahead and use the road salt this winter season.

Be Quick

The most important method to preventing winter asphalt deterioration is to be quick discovering any problems of your pavement. Check carefully for any small cracks prior to the freezing months, and make sure to seal every one early and before the freeze thaw effect is able to occur. You should also be attentive to bad weather and make sure Winter Asphalt - James Kurpiel plow all snow and remove ice as soon as possible.

By following these methods this winter, your asphalt will look much better come this spring. From less cracks, a nice seal coat, and no potholes, any asphalt pavement will look amazing after winter ends, and last a whole lot longer. By either just putting in the effort yourself or by hiring a professional like us to put in the effort for you, you can save plenty on asphalt costs just by properly taking care of it.

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