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Catch Basin Drain Rebuild in Hackensack NJ

All catch basins or storm drains will eventually deteriorate over time. This is because whenever water or salt water enters the joints between the steel casting and block or the mortar joints, it weakens the mortar significantly. Yearly inspections of your catch basins, as well as timely repairs can prevent you from having to pay costly future repairs. Sometimes all your catch basin requires is a replacement of a few blocks or bricks, or just adjusting a bent grate can keep your parking lot drainage system in working action.

Hackensack Catch Basin Repair Before - James Kurpiel Inc.

Hackensack Catch Basin Repair After - James Kurpiel Inc.

Many catch basins will require repairs whenever water seeps through cracks into the asphalt surrounding the catch basin. The water will then begin to undermine and erode the base materials which help support your asphalt.  Harsh winters are particularly tough on catch basins. This can be because of salt usage, as it will run-off into the catch basin and deteriorate the mortar.

If your property doesn’t have a catch basin or some sort of drainage, any standing water on your lawn or road is likely to promote bacteria growth and insects, which can spread disease and lead to illnesses. If standing water is occurring on your lawn, that means your soil is over saturated with water and has become waterlogged, which is very detrimental to any plants in that soil. Aside from illness, disease, and damage to your plants, most importantly, water can cause severe damages to your property’s foundation. If no drainage systems are installed on your property, water can sometimes leak into the foundation of your property causing cracking and other damages. Once the foundation becomes cracked or it comes through siding, the water can sit in your property and will become a breeding ground for both mold and bacteria. Proper drainage can potentially save your property from mold, bacteria, and even the foundation. There are many problems that can arise when you don’t have proper drainage on your property, so it’s very important for your structure that you deal with proper drainage early on.

When your drain is clogged and water runs through slow, it usually is just a sign that the drain is clogged. This can be resolved easily with a simple cleaning twice each year. However, if your catch basin has collapsed or sunken into the ground at all, this can be a much more expensive fix. You will typically have to replace the entire catch basin in this situation, as the foundation will usually be heavily cracked and no good for catching water.

However, smaller cracks aren’t the end of the catch basin. Other small fixes can be done, such as fixing a cracked grate, or even fixing the pavement surrounding the catch basin. These repairs should be done as soon as possible, as smaller cracks will lead to much larger cracking that tends to be a serious problem with catch basins. While you might not think of it, the pavement surrounding your catch basin is very important to it’s structure as well. Whenever that pavement becomes weaker through cracking, you will not only have to replace that pavement, but you also run the risk of damaging your catch basin as well.

The best times to inspect your catch basin for damages is either after all the leaves have fallen on the ground in the autumn months, or in the spring months after the last snow has passed and you’ve stopped using salt to de-ice your roads. Both salt water and leaves are the two prime suspects for damage to catch basins, so problems are most likely to appear after autumn and winter because of this. Ensuring your catch basin remains clean throughout the year and being able to minimize salt water run off will ensure that your catch basin stays in the best shape possible and performs it’s job like you want it to.

If you’ve been either thinking about installing a catch basin, or require help with an already installed catch basin, James Kurpiel Inc. is ready to help with a team of asphalt and concrete professionals. Installing and maintaining a catch basin can seem like a hard task, but with the services provided by James Kurpiel Inc., you will not have to worry about routine maintenance or ever having to worry about it. We can handle all the routine inspections, installations, and cleanings required by catch basins. Just give us a call or email and we’ll get in touch shortly!

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