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concrete and masonry repair services

There are plenty of great uses for concrete around your home and property to make your life simpler and your home more beautiful and long lasting. As a full service concrete company we’re glad to offer a huge variety of concrete services to help you and your family improve your home and live more comfortable lives. Concrete Sidewalk Services - James Kurpiel Inc.Concrete is an excellent solution for your outdoor patios, family sized basketball courts, driveways and walkways, and it’s all but necessary as the foundation for new home offices, gazebos, garages and more. A concrete sidewalk doesn’t need to be a simple, unexciting straight-lined path, either. A concrete sidewalk is a fantastic way to connect the different areas of your property in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing, reliable, and incredibly durable and long lasting.

Your new concrete sidewalk could take a wandering, meandering path, boast creative design, and really help to add to the ambiance of your front or back yards. There’s virtually no limit to how you can use concrete to help your home become as beautiful as possible. When it comes to helping you bring your property together with concrete, you’re sure to agree that there’s no better company for the job than us. Whether it’s our fast and accurate work estimates, our experienced, professional and friendly technicians, or the durability and reliability of our concrete sidewalk pouring or other services, you’re certain to be happy that you went with us.

Sunken concrete worsens each season, as the lower concrete slab collects water, resulting in soil erosion between and underneath the concrete slabs. The freeze and thaw of one winter-summer cycle is enough to move and crack entire concrete sidewalk slabs.
Our effective concrete sidewalk repair is usually done at a fraction of the cost of tearing it out and replacing it. We provide an efficient and high quality concrete sidewalk repair process that, in most instances, can be used immediately after repair.

Need to construct a new sidewalk, parking lot or road? An experienced estimator will come by to assess your requirements, survey your site and provide you with a detailed, written quote. Quality workmanship as well as on-time and within-budget completion ensures your complete satisfaction with our paving services and concrete sidewalk repairs.

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Our Other Masonry Services

James Kurpiel Inc. –¬†Belgian Block

Over time asphalt driveways can start to appear a little ragged or worn around the edges, especially after a few seasons of snowfall, shoveling, plowing and blowing and then the salt or de-icers. An interesting option along the edges is the introduction of Belgian Block into the picture. Adding a neat row of Belgian block stones to each side will boost its curb appeal (no pun intended) while also providing a clear visual aid as you back out or pull in.

belgian block and retaining block - James Kurpiel Inc.Belgian block has been in use since the Middle Ages when man began utilizing it withing streets and walks, many of which are still in use today. Being extremely versatile, it can be used as a base on which you can drive or walk, as well as being implemented as a border or edging thereby becoming a nice accent. Since it is so durable it is widely used as an alternative material when creating environments that last a lifetime.

Within the scope of driveways and entrances, Belgian Block is often utilized in the creation of one-of-a-kind design layouts. Easily used as an accent in an otherwise predominantly concrete design or even as a stand-alone paving material, creating a more intricate layout. Often within a driveway, Belgian Block is used in a herringbone fashion accenting parts of the driveway or even in circular layouts creating stunning focal points.

For use in patios and adjoining walkways as well, the block can be used as the primary material or as an accent or border to add some charm to more budget-conscious material use.  To tie the look together, the stones can easily be used throughout the yard as a border for flower beds and sheds for a look that is pulled together and polished.

belgian block - James Kurpiel Inc.

belgian block with asphalt - James Kurpiel Inc.

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James Kurpiel Inc. completely and professionally sealcoated and re-striped my medical facility’s parking lot over a three day holiday weekend. The results were amazing and the appearance is stunning. Highly recommend this firm.
Lucius Griffiano, Griffiano M.D.
The pavement and lot in front of our loading docks takes a pounding. We hired James Kurpiel Inc. to come in a do some saw-cut patching on the worst areas and coating on the others. Excellent workmanship and product.
Janet Bueller, Sanchez and Sons