Project Description

Rebuilding Drainage Systems in Hackensack

Repairing to Prevent Costlier Damages

Installing the proper drain for your establishment can save you plenty of money in the long-term. From protecting your property from flood damage, to reducing the risk of injury of your customers and employees. A properly installed drain will not only add curb appeal, but comes with plenty of other benefits too.

Water, rain, hail, and snow all cause damage to concrete or asphalt when allowed to collect and form ponds. These materials are semi-porous and water is easily able to seep within and slowly erode the integrity of the surface, Eventually this can lead to water freezing and expanding over winter, which will cause even more significant damage and cracks.

Driveway Patching - James Kurpiel Inc.

Driveway Patching - James Kurpiel Inc.

Driveway Patching - James Kurpiel Inc.

Importance of Proper Drainage

But damage to your pavement is the least of your worries if your pavements are constantly flooded. Water can also be a safety hazard for both cars, people, and is rather unsightly. Without proper drainage, you could be held liable for some form of damage that occurs on your property. If your property is constantly flooded, you shouldn’t wait for something to happen and then fix it, you should proactively fix the problem before somebody gets injured because of it, or before your property’s foundation is damaged and requires even more expensive repairs.

There are plenty of different shapes, sizes, and forms of drains that can work in any environment. Contact James Kurpiel Inc. and we’ll figure out which drain system is best for your establishment or fix any drainage issues or repairs you might require. We know how important a proper, functional drainage system is, which is why we provide you with our professional, effective, and affordable drainage services.