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Sidewalks and walkways are an important way to designate foot traffic in an area. The utilization of quality concrete and good technique will lead to a long lasting walkway that will stay looking great for years. James Kurpiel Inc offers quality concrete replacement services for any concrete walkway that needs redone completely or fixing damaged walkways. To see the quality of our work, here are some pictures from a job from Fort Lee we talked about in our blog post here…

Fort Lee Concrete Contractor - James Kurpiel Inc

Concrete Installation Fort Lee - James Kurpiel Inc

There are countless problems that can occur over long periods of time with concrete. Which ever problems you have, from cracks, to sunken concrete, or maybe even frost heave, there are many reasons why you should consider fixing it yourself, or get it fixed by professionals. Though it might seem like a daunting and expensive task, repairing concrete can be relatively inexpensive and not so time consuming, depending on how much needs repaired.

Safety is the biggest concern you should have with a damaged sidewalk. Any person riding a bike, walking, or running on the sidewalk could easily fall or trip on the sidewalk and become injured. If the sidewalk is on your property, and somebody trips because you failed to maintain the walkway, you will be held accountable for their injury. And that will likely cost a lot more money than simply repairing your sidewalk. Not only that, but you should fix it to ensure your family does not get injured, as well as any mail men or friends when they’re approaching your home. As you can see from the pictures, James Kurpiel Inc. offers a nice and even concrete walkway that ensures you and your family safety from tripping on any of your sidewalks.

Concrete Contractor Fort Lee - James Kurpiel Inc

Concrete Installation Fort Lee - James Kurpiel Inc

Great design can really make replacing a walkway all the more worth while. A great walkway design can provide many more options for a lawn, from creating extra flower beds, to even creating multiple pathways. There are many different ways you can choose to design a walkway to your own liking, which can make your lawn much more appealing to you. Good walkway design can help create multiple sections in an area, which is great for places such as apartments that have multiple buildings. You can really make a difference with good walkway design, and good design alone can improve safety and appearance greatly.

Walkways provide a great way to tell other people where to walk and where not to walk. If your home has shrubbery and plants in beds, walkways can help prevent people from cutting through and trampling them. So, replacing concrete can potentially save your plants! It’s also important to keep grass from being trampled, and a walkway provides people with a place to walk without damaging lawns and eventually creating dirt paths over time.

Whether choosing to do it yourself or hire a professional, James Kurpiel Inc. is happy to help with any concrete walkways to be replaced or repaired in the Bergen County area. Our Fort Lee blog post explains what you need and how to do it yourself, but hiring a professional ensures quality methods are followed to build longer lasting walkways. Contact us today for an estimate on any walkways you need re-done!

Concrete Contractor Fort Lee - James Kurpiel Inc

Concrete Contractor Fort Lee - James Kurpiel Inc

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