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Mill and Pave – Line Striping

This recent project details the process by which a commercial asphalt parking lot is milled and paved and then has ADA Compliant line striping applied to the new surface. The entire life of a pavement is affected by the quality of the materials upon which it is built. When implementing parking lot asphalt replacement and/or maintenance there are many aspects to consider, each with specific criteria and specifications that must be met.

Step 1: Asphalt Milling | Removing the Asphalt

Pavement milling (cold planing, asphalt milling, or profiling) is the process of removing at least part of the surface of a paved area such a road, bridge or parking lot. Milling removes anywhere from just enough thickness to level and smooth the surface to a full depth removal. The process of asphalt milling is one of the most common forms of asphalt reconstruction.

Asphalt milling is completed in a few steps. First the milling machine scrapes off the top layer of asphalt using a milling drum that is set to the desired depth, usually 2″. The asphalt that is scraped off is transferred through the machine to a long conveyor belt that deposits the milled asphalt into dump trucks driving at the end of the conveyor. The dump truck then takes the “millings” back to the asphalt plant where they are recycled and used to create new asphalt. The milled surface that is left behind is then swept clean of any loose debris and is now ready for new asphalt.

Commercial Asphalt Mill and Pave Contractors in Bergen County

Commercial Asphalt Mill and Pave Contractors in Bergen County

Commercial Asphalt Mill and Pave Contractors in Bergen County

Step 2: Asphalt Application

Pavement and asphalt reconstruction involves both the subgrade asphalt as well as the top overlay layer. Once milling is completed, this newly ground surface is then layered with tack and set to receive a fresh smooth coating of asphalt. There are two main ingredients in asphalt and they are mixed crushed stone and bitumen. Bitumen is a black, or dark, viscous material that holds the stones together and is made from petroleum distillation. With regards to parking lot drainage, maintaining a proper asphalt pavement slope, and the adequate spacing apart of catch drain basins will create an effective drainage system.

Commercial Asphalt Paving Contractors in Bergen County NJ

Commercial Asphalt Paving Contractors in Bergen County NJ

Commercial Asphalt Paving Contractors in Bergen County NJ

Commercial Asphalt Paving Contractors in Bergen County NJ

Step 3: Line Striping

A fresh looking parking lot is vital for safety and efficient parking outside businesses. The ADA requires businesses to provide handicap stalls and general parking to certain criteria and standards for parking lots, thereby improving the overall safety for pedestrians, drivers and visitors; as well as enhancing your overall appearance as a business, after all “appearance is everything” and amounts to more sales and revenue flow.  James Kurpiel Inc. can restripe your parking lot based on its existing layout or we can work with you to design a new and more efficient ADA Compliant striping layout.

Asphalt Mill Pave and Line Striping Contractors in Bergen County NJ

Asphalt Mill Pave and Line Striping Contractors in Bergen County NJ

Asphalt Mill Pave and Line Striping Contractors in Bergen County NJ

Asphalt Mill Pave and Line Striping Contractors in Bergen County NJ

Asphalt Mill Pave and Line Striping Contractors in Bergen County NJ

Asphalt Mill Pave and Line Striping Contractors in Bergen County NJ

Proper installation of your new asphalt surface is critical. Parking lot construction will affect its performance throughout its life. Initiating a plan for maintenance is also vital, as regular maintenance and repair will help prolong the life of your property’s asset. Crack sealing and sealcoating services offered by James Kurpiel Inc of Hackensack NJ, are a cost-effective way to preserve your asphalt surfaces. Depending on the current condition of existing surfaces, there are different reconstruction options to owners and managers replacing a parking lot or roadway. Consulting James Kurpiel Inc. is a great way to start.

What Our Clientele Say

This is where the pros go go buy product. Compared to the big orange store, Kurpiel sells the professional products that are much better quality at a lower price. And Cassie and Jim are there to walk you through every step of your job and answer questions all the time. Its like night and day. If you want the best products at the best price as well as professional advice you would be lucky to buy here. It really is the secret of the pros. They helped me to choose the best products and save a driveway that truly needed at the least a $7000 overlay if not a complete redo. I spent a few hundred dollar in products and a few days in labor, probably twice over. But I truly saved the driveway and they helped me find the best pro to seal it since they are mostly commercial now.

First of all as a HOA board we are required to get multiple bids for our paving project. Of all the owners who came to give us an estimate and proposal…Jim Kurpiel was by far the nicest and most knowledgeable . His estimate was in the ballpark monetarily but offered far more than the others. All his workers were excellent and courteous.. Jim was on the job overseeing everything every day. A complete pleasure to work with and an excellent job well done. We would give him a big “10” in all areas.

This summer, I used Kurpiel paving to rip out my driveway and pour a new one. They did an excellent job from start to finish. Yesterday, I had an issue with a neighbor regarding my driveway. Nothing Kurpiel did wrong but I emailed Jim for some advice. He responded within a few hours and despite his busy schedule, he personally stopped by my house this morning to take a look. Although there was nothing wrong with the work they did, Jim resolved the issue for me free of charge. He went above and beyond to help me out. I highly recommend Kurpiel Paving. This is my first time posting a google review. Because of Jim’s kindness today I want to show my appreciation and share my positive experience with Jim’s company.

Jim runs his business in a manner that makes customer satisfaction a top priority. His crew performed a driveway resurface in which my old pavement was dug up and removed, and new pavement was laid. He requested that we let the gravel sit for a couple weeks prior to setting the new surface so he could observe how the subbase settled. I spoke to other pros who said that not all contractors take the time to do this, but James and his crew were doing the job the “right way” so my driveway would last. His men were always on time, respectful of my property, and left the site clean both times. Jim is a personable and professional gentleman, and I would absolutely recommend this business to others. BTW- the finished project was top notch. Couldn’t be happier.

Excellent job and very professional crew. I would definitely use them again on my future projects.

James Kurpiel Inc. did an excellent job on my driveway! They were prompt, easy to get in touch with and great to work with. Highly recommend!

These guys do great work! Professional, clean, and courteous!

This company was a true pleasure to work with. Do not hesitate to call them! They did an AMAZING job! Thanks again!

Jim and his team did a fantastic job. Great design, professional on time and great value.

Kurpiel and their associates were professional and fair. The work they did on our driveway had my neighbors, some from blocks away, asking for their info. Clean, efficient, reasonable and perfectly done. Highly recommended.

Jim and his crew are friendly, professional, honest, and reliable. From the estimate to driveway completion, the process was absolutely seamless! The driveway looks great and they left our property clean which was respectful. We appreciated how Jim and Casey were in frequent communication with us about scheduling, logistics and any questions. If only this company could do all our home repairs and renovations!

This is the best contractor we have ever dealt with. We got many estimates and he was also the best price which is a plus! He tore out our old black top driveway regraded and put in a beautiful new driveway complete with Belgian block border abd border for our landscaping. The project had many bumps, due to no fault of theirs bc we were having other work done and kept having problems which needed to push the driveway repaving back months! At the end, he had to repair and regrade some of the gravel bc it was laid at the beginning of the project but he did it with no extra charge!- crazy right! The driveway looks perfect! He came when he said he would, was always professional and we highly recommend his services!!! He also got the permits and closed the permits. Easy peasy!

Very professional organization. Completely repaved my driveway, and it looks great!

Pleasure to deal with. Exceptional work.

James Kurpiel Inc of Hackensack NJ Clientele Reviews--, Matt P

Very courteous and professional. My driveway looks amazing! Thanks guys.

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