Asphalt Milling

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The key to implementing preventive maintenance techniques and maintaining a pavement management program is developing and maintaining an inventory of pavement condition and quantity. Proper pavement preservation is necessary to keep road quality high and life-cycle costs low.

Milling, which in essence is grinding the asphalt to a predetermined depth thereby making room for a new layer of asphalt to be paved into the milled area. Milling is performed by construction equipment called milling machines or cold planers. These machines use a large rotating drum to remove and grind the road surface. The millings or ground up asphalt particles are then hauled off site where they get recycled. The newly ground surface area is then layered with tack and a fresh smooth coat of asphalt is then applied.

The video below is an example of the asphalt parking lot milling process. The milling drum begins grinding and proceeds along the predetermined run length, processing larger chunks as it proceeds. Then as seen in the second half; the debris and ground asphalt is then removed and after a brush roll and final sweep, the milled area is thoroughly clean, allowing for a maximum adhesion.

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