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Commercial Asphalt Maintenance

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Commercial Asphalt Maintenance

Property Safety: Keeping your parking lot safe for everyone

Often the quality and appearance of your parking lot may not be at the forefront of your business concerns. But it’s not on your customers and clientele. After all it’s their first impression of your business. Investing in commercial asphalt maintenance is an excellent way to show your customers you care about their well-being and safety.

A well-paved parking lot makes a business look sharp and professional. A poorly-maintained parking lot, however, can make an establishment look sloppy. Ponder this for a moment of two: are you more likely to return to a business that has a smooth, even parking lot with parking spaces clearly defined or one that riddled with annoying holes and cracks and parking spaces that are fading?

If you own or manage a commercial, industrial, or residential property with asphalt surfaces, it is important to understand the benefits of proper pavement maintenance. All asphalt oxidizes and breaks down over time, and the speed of this process is determined by a number of factors including climate, traffic load, moisture penetration, and exposure to solvents. Basic pavement maintenance is necessary to minimize the effects of these and other asphalt detriments, and can significantly extend the life of your pavement.

Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Walmart - James Kurpiel Inc of Hackensack NJ

Commercial Asphalt Maintenance Walmart - James Kurpiel Inc of Hackensack NJ

Regardless of the size or type of property, James Kurpiel Inc. of Hackensack NJ can inspect the pavement and recommend a maintenance program that is affordable and effective in protecting your asphalt. We routinely develop simple plans involving annual inspections and basic sealant activities for our residential and commercial customers.

Routine sweeping, cracksealing, sealcoating, and striping will keep your property in top shape and greatly extend the life of the asphalt surfaces. Contact us today for a free evaluation and maintenance recommendations from our asphalt experts.

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