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Snow Removal in Bergen County

With the snow beginning to come down, you might be considering hiring a commercial snow removal company to come out over the winter to manage your snow rather than doing it yourself. For many people, the size of your property usually is far too big for one person to handle it. Hiring a commercial snow removal company like James Kurpiel Inc. can be a huge time saver in the winter time and ensure that the job is done efficiently, correctly, and safely.

Commercial and Residential Snow Removal in Bergen County - James Kurpiel IncRemoving snow is always a tough job for some, especially if you have to deal with removing snow from large areas, like parking lots or from multiple sidewalks. Hiring a snow contractors helps alleviate much of the effort needed to remove snow, and also that the job is completed by experienced workers with the correct tools, which helps get the job done even more efficiently.

Hard work. Plowing your own lot may not be as easy and convenient as you might think. There is a certain level of expertise and experience needed to manage plowing and de-icing that you can only get from a professional.

Liability and safety. Snow and ice-related removal injuries are fairly common during winter months. There’s a chance you could slip and fall if you choose to take on the snow yourself. Additionally, if you fail to properly plow and de-ice your lot, someone else could easily get hurt and you could be facing a lawsuit. Hiring a professional takes the pressure off of you and mitigates your liability.

Economics. Yes, you may save a few dollars initially, but is doing it yourself really sustainable? Hiring a professional enables you to budget for the service and then not give it much thought, knowing that your plowing needs will be taken care of. On the other hand, you may want to consider whether you will be paying per push or one fixed rate for the entire season. This may make all the difference when deciding to invest in a professional service.

James Kurpiel Inc. is a full-service commercial snow removal company. The New Jersey weather is too chaotic to predict accurately and each storm or snow event is different from the last. Local conditions can change rapidly and without warning. Weather in Bergen County demands a contractor with the reliability and experience you can trust.

As a snow contracting company for businesses and commercial properties, we offer a wide range of snow removal services that include: snow plowing, snow removal, ice control, snow hauling, sidewalk shoveling, parking lot snow removal, salt and deicer sales, and much more. Ice and snow covered driveways and sidewalks can be a hazard for those walking or driving on it.

As such, local municipalities have enacted stringent ordinances pertaining to timely snow removal from properties within Bergen County. Hackensack, N.J. code may be found here. If you are not sure of your local codes, google (your municipality and snow removal ordinances)…

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