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Maintaining a well repaired, great looking parking space is an important part of running any establishment. Improper care and neglect of parking spaces can lead to cracks and holes that will only worsen over time. James Kurpiel Inc. specializes in repairing all neglected and damaged asphalt. Here are five ways for you to know when to replace any asphalt pavings as well as some before and after images from a recent project of ours in East Orange, where we completely transformed this parking area just by replacing the asphalt, and re-applying line striping.

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When You Should Repave


Is your parking place full of cracks? Cracks are the most common issue of aging asphalt, and occurs not only in asphalt, but concrete over time. Cracking is mostly caused by gases and oils that penetrate through asphalt and can cause cracking in happen. Living in a place that has freezing temperatures in the winter can also cause cracks to expand and worsen in asphalt, as the water can easily seep through cracks and freeze. Frozen water expands the cracks, making them larger and causing more expensive damage.

Depending on the size of cracking, your parking spot may only need repaired by patching if cracking is less severe, or may need a complete repave if cracks are severe. Making sure that you catch cracking early on and don’t neglect fixing it is important for saving money. Severe cracking will cost much more to repair compared to a few smaller cracks, and is also a lot easier to fix.


Potholes can be a bigger inconvienence than cracks, since they can cause damage to any vehicles that drive on your parking lot. Potholes form when the top layer of material starts to weaken and eventually gives in, causing pieces to erode away and crack, causing a larger pothole.

Potholes, like cracks, should be repaired early on so that they don’t expand and cause more expenses in repair. However, repaired potholes still can return after repair, because the ground below is still expanding. A solution is to replace the entire parking lot to get rid of all potholes. The material used by James Kurpiel Inc. is built to withstand potholes better than materials used years ago.


Sometimes, drainage can be a major issue for parking spaces. Drainage issues can lead to serious damage, such as an sloped space, which causes water to pool in certain spots. This can cause many more stress in one area, eventually causing cracks from water erosion.

Keeping a level and even space is important for asphalt and it’s longevity. Only sometimes can drainage issues can be fixed fairly inexpensively, but it can vary and depends on the conditions. Some parking pads may require to be completely repaved, seal-coated, and striped. This can be fairly expensive, but if choosing James Kurpiel Inc. for the job, we assure a long-lasting asphalt installation, and will do everything we can to ensure the longevity of your parking spaces.

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Asphalt fades over time because of sunrays that oxidize the surface of your driveway. Fading isn’t too good for your driveway, and it can be a sign that your asphalt is aged and might start either cracking soon, and you might want to get it replaced soon before the problems worsen.

Once fading occurs, the durability of your driveway is also lowered. While you may think fading is merely a cosmetic problem, you’d be wrong. Exposure to UV rays will weaken your asphalt and cause it to crack easier. To fix the durability, you will have to go for a complete re-pave in order to fix it.


It’s very important to keep up with seal coating, and make sure you reseal any edges every two years. Sealcoating will help asphalt prevent cracking around the edges. Without seal coating, your asphalt will not last anywhere near as long as seal coated asphalt. Choosing to not seal coat can cause asphalt to form large cracks fast, causing you to have to pay for a full repaving. Resealing is an important method in paving that can help you save lots of money.

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James Kurpiel Inc. offers the best solution for dealing with any unappealing parking zones. Kurpiel offers quick, simple installation of long-lasting, built to last parking pads. See for yourself the difference before and after in this job at East Orange. Repaving, seal coating, and line striping is a great way to not only fix various problems like bumps or potholes and create long-lasting asphalt pads, but also can improve the visual quality of your home or workspace immensely.