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ADA Compliant Line Striping Services in Bergen County

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ADA Compliant Line Striping Services in Bergen CountyThere are roughly 50 million parking spaces in the United States, and as required by the American with Disability Act (ADA) law many of them have to get a fresh coat of reflective paint every year or two. Asphalt striping is an important component of parking lot appeal and safety, it makes parking lots look better and increases their overall safety, as well as keeps them in compliance with ADA regulations. This process of marking lines in parking lots and access areas, generally called line striping or re-striping is generally conducted once every two years or so, but varies based on several factors such as traffic levels and weather.

Specific line striping timelines fluctuate based on traffic levels, susceptibility to debris, local weather conditions, and age of the asphalt or paving material. Keeping up with maintenance will reduce how often your parking lot requires re-striping services. One way to tell if a parking lot requires re-striping is when current strips are around 75% the quality, color, and brightness they were when first applied.

Before starting asphalt striping, check out Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements to ensure you have adequate handicapped spots, van accessible spots, and so forth marked out. The minimum amount of handicapped parking spaces is relative to the total number of spots in a lot. According to parking lots with 1-25 spots must have 1 handicapped spot. Lots with 26 to 50 parking spaces must maintain 2 handicapped spots. In addition, one in every six spaces must be van accessible.

Keeping your parking lot re-striped and looking great is very important as it is required by law and should be on the top of the “to-do” list. ADA Compliant Line Striping Services in Bergen CountyAs client’s drive in to your business, the very first impression is the parking lot. Your customers will have a good experience from driving in, to visiting, & driving back out of your location. If your parking lot stalls, stencils, and markings are fading or no longer visible, it may cause a few problems like slowing down traffic or may be a pedestrian safety issue. This is then the perfect time to consider re-striping your parking lot and bring it back to life.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner with commercial property, James Kurpiel Inc is here to help with your line striping compliancy – whatever it may require. You can contact us should you have any questions, or would like us to provide you with a free quote regarding your property maintenance.

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