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When it comes to your Commercial and Industrial Property Maintenance and Management Line Striping Projects the bottom line always comes down to R.O.I. – return on investment. When you figure in the cost of the time involved in not only having line striping done, Commercial Industrial Line Striping Services - James Kurpiel Incbut also the cost of researching and finding the right company and the office costs of budgeting and initiating the project; well the last thing you want to see are those lines fading within a month or two, if not weeks.

You need not only the right product but a quality product also for the job. When designating parking lots and marking lines go with a reputable quality product specifically manufactured for that purpose which will provide a durable, long lasting result. Also there are ADA Compliancy regulations set forth by the federal government. Always make sure your contractor understands and adheres to these federal guidelines for line striping and parking lots. For more information refer to our Americans with Disability Act compliancy post.

There are roughly 50 million parking spaces in the United States, and as required by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) law many of them have to get a fresh coat of reflective paint every year or two. Asphalt striping is an important component of parking lot appeal and safety, it makes parking lots look better and increases their overall safety, as well as keeps them in compliance with ADA regulations. This process of marking lines in parking lots and access areas, generally called line striping or re-striping is generally conducted once every two years or so, but varies based on several factors such as traffic levels and weather.

Within the scope of our line striping projects James Kurpiel Inc offers and/or utilizes three of the top rated quality line striping paints.

Sherwin Williams Setfast Paint

Sherwin Williams
SetFast TM2135 Paint

Conventional dry (non-heated application) water based paints intended for use in marking parking lots, airports, and roads.

Sealmaster Liquid Thermoplastic Paint

SEALMASTER Liquid Thermoplastic
Traffic Marking Paint

High Performance Traffic Marking Paint. Cold spray-applied thermoplastic featuring hot-applied thermoplastic performance.

Sherwin Williams Hotline Paint

Sherwin Williams
HotLine TM2152 Paint

HOTLINE LATEX TRAFFIC PAINTS are very fast drying paints for use in marking parking lots, airports, and roads.

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